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Last Update on Wednesday, Jan 26 2022
To Winnipeg$2,000,000
To NYIslesMike Rathje, Trevor Kidd
To FloridaMike Rupp, NYI 2006 Rnd 3, $1,500,000
To NYIslesShawn Mceachern
To StLouisBrent Sopel, PHI 2008 Rnd 2, PHI 2009 Rnd 3, $1,000,000
To PhillyRuslan Salei
To LosAngelesPHX 2008 Rnd 2, $3,000,000
To PhoenixVladimir Tsyplakov
To LosAngelesTrevor Kidd, $2,000,000
To NYIslesFrank Banham, Jamie McLennan
To VancouverDwayne Roloson, Nathan Oystrick, $3,000,000
To PhoenixChris Osgood
Corey HirschEdmontonAssign to minors
Petr SchastlivyNYIslesAssign to minors
Mike RathjeNYIslesPromote to pro roster
Adam HallOttawaAssign to minors
Marek SvatosPhoenixAssign to minors
Sean HillStLouisAssign to minors
Chad LaroseStLouisPromote to pro roster
Michel OuelletVancouverPromote to pro roster
Alex AuldWinnipegAssign to minors
Johan Holmqvist, Jim FaheyWinnipegPromote to pro roster
Aaron WardTBSuffers injury, sidelined 2-4 weeks
Teppo NumminenBUFSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Richard ParkANAReturns from injury
To BuffaloDwayne Roloson
To VancouverBoris Valabik
Richard ParkAnaheimAssign to minors
Curtis McElhinneyBuffaloAssign to minors
Brett LebdaBuffaloPromote to pro roster
Chris MasonColumbusPromote to pro roster
Curtis SanfordVancouverAssign to minors
Chris Neil, Rene CorbetWinnipegPromote to pro roster
Andreas LiljaCLBSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Ryan WhitneyCOLSuffers injury, sidelined 2-4 weeks
Marian HossaOTTReturns from injury
David TanabeOTTSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Brendan WittWSHSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Randy JonesSJSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Anders ErikssonNJDSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
P.A. ParenteauChicagoPromote to pro roster
Fredrik SjostromMontrealPromote to pro roster
Chris NeilWinnipegAssign to minors
John PohlLAReturns from injury
Kenny JonssonPHXSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Dwayne HayTBSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Radovan SomikSTLReturns from injury
Teppo NumminenBUFReturns from injury
Brendan WittWSHReturns from injury
Randy JonesSJReturns from injury
Danil MarkovCOLCompletes suspension
Andreas LiljaCLBReturns from injury
Sergei ZubovDALSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
David TanabeOTTReturns from injury
Brett LebdaBuffaloAssign to minors
Mike RucinskiDallasAssign to minors
Jed OrtmeyerDallasPromote to pro roster
Pavol DemitraSTLReturns from injury
Dwayne HayTBReturns from injury
Jay MckeeCARSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Jordan LeopoldCHISuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Anders ErikssonNJDReturns from injury
Ramzi AbidFloridaAssign to minors
Jeff HamiltonFloridaPromote to pro roster
Dmitri KalininVANSuffers injury, sidelined 1-2 weeks
Erik RasmussenPHISuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Markus NaslundDETSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Boyd DevereauxBuffaloAssign to minors
Kevin DeanPhoenixPromote to pro roster
Tom PreissingVancouverAssign to minors
Nathan OystrickVancouverPromote to pro roster
Chris TherienDALSuffers injury, sidelined 4-6 weeks
Nikolai KhabibulinBUFSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Mark SmithNYRSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Kenny JonssonPHXReturns from injury
Boyd DevereauxBuffaloPromote to pro roster
Tyler Arnason, Chad LaroseStLouisAssign to minors
Stephen WeissWinnipegAssign to minors
Kyle WellwoodWinnipegPromote to pro roster
Peter BondraPHXSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Ladislav BenysekDALSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Sergei ZubovDALReturns from injury
Jordan LeopoldCHIReturns from injury
Erik RasmussenPHIReturns from injury
Kevin DeanPhoenixAssign to minors
Randy JonesSanJoseAssign to minors
Denis PedersonTORSuffers injury, sidelined 2-4 weeks
Nick BoyntonWSHSuffers injury, sidelined 2-4 weeks
Jay MckeeCARReturns from injury
Markus NaslundDETReturns from injury
Shea WeberMTLCompletes suspension
Branko RadivojevicTorontoPromote to pro roster
Joe PavelskiCOLSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day
Marcus NilsonFLACompletes suspension
Nikolai KhabibulinBUFReturns from injury
Martin LapointePHXSuffers injury, sidelined day-to-day